Patreon Giveaway: See The Seitz Family Calendars


Kacy here! I know you don’t hear from me very often on the YouTube channel, but Dan and I decided that my passion for writing (and introvert-ness) was perfectly suited for creating our new blog! I’m really excited because, it takes me back to our earlier years with Hudsyn. I had written and published a Wordpress blog called “Living, Laughing and Loving with HIE,” originally titled…you guessed it: “See the Seitz.”

It was my outlet for the grief I was processing at the time. But after starting my special needs financial planning practice in late 2013, I needed to put all energy and focus into that new mission. We’re in a new place now…and we want to keep sharing this journey of special needs parenting with the world.

And, because I’m so excited to be able to “talk” with our Hopesters in a new way, I’m announcing a giveaway! We’re commemorating the first “See the Seitz” blog post (and the coming New Year) by creating a special giveaway for anyone who signs up to be a new Patreon at the “Hope Stirrer” level ($10/mo). Anyone who joins us as a Hope Stirrer before January 31, 2019, will receive one of our family calendars. I LOVED creating this project. In fact, every year since 2013, I’ve given these to family members as Christmas gifts. They feature photography from Brant Brogan, a local Kansas City photographer. In fact, Brant and Dan went to high school together, and it’s been great meeting him and getting to know him. He has this incredible ability to capture moments of each of us. It was super cold the day we did this photoshoot, so we chose the new Shawnee Public Library as our backdrop. We read books, we giggled and both kids were in a great mood!

Don’t worry, if you’re an existing Hope Stirrer, you’ll receive the calendars as well.

If you’re curious about Patreon (because I certainly was), watch this video. Basically, it’s a way to become a more loyal fan by supporting our work through a monthly premium. This helps us continue to make videos you love; document our life for you and (let’s be honest), a way for Dan (the extrovert) to talk to a community during his days as a stay-at-home dad. The levels are affordable…and there are only two right now: $5/mo (Hope Starter) and $10/mo (Hope Stirrer). By becoming a Patron, you get early access to all newly released episodes, a YouTube badge identifying you as a Patron and exclusive content (like older and super special photos of the kids. This is the beginning of a closer connection to our family…and we can’t wait for you to join us!

I’ve got some great ideas for future content on this blog: how Dan & I met; a day in the life of (insert Seitz fam member); or Dan’s favorite recipes. We had a livestream today and after asking the Hopesters for their opinions, we brainstormed even more in the chat. But I’m interested in YOUR ideas, too. If there’s something you’re curious about or would like me to expand on, please comment below!