Two Month Milestones

8-Weeks Old: Saturday, December 4 From

Coos are your baby's way of expressing delight, as well as exercising her vocal cords. You can carry on a "conversation" with your baby now. When she gurgles or coos, say something brief or coo back at her. Then wait for her to "say" something back to you. This kind of conversational turn-taking may not sound like much to you now, but it's actually the beginning of learning how to talk.

Hudsyn continues to do well and according to what's expected of her for an infant her age. She's started to find her hands, fingers and use of her arms. She will push away things she doesn't want (like a face too close) and start to grab for things she's curious about (her zebra toy or your hand).

Dan experienced this recently when she grabbed his annoyingly scratchy goatee:) He grew this out for charity and has recently shaved it off (thank goodness!)

Another funny thing that she's doing now is snoring. We can blame the indoor heat and tiny nasal passages which have created an environment for a slightly stuffy nose. I took this video late one night when Dan was at work so he could hear...


She's also hit another milestone in brain development and according to The Wonder Weeks book the 8-week mental hurdle. This is when babies start to really see patterns and at longer distances. They'll stare at shadows on the wall, fan blades, anything with high contrast or intricate patterns.

It's a result of the brain creating new synapses and pathways for them to understand even more about their environment. However, the result is usually a VERY cranky baby and sleep cycles being thrown completely off. Hence, we've had nights like this one...


Pediatrician Visit #2 This month also marked our next visit to her ped's office. I always get nervous when doing these checkups because you just never know what they're going to say. I mean, they're looking at trends and tracking of AVERAGES. Not every baby is the same, but since Miss H had her rough start, she's held under a microscope with all of these milestones. So yeah, I worry.

But we were fortunate again in that the Doc said all muscle tone looks great...very normal for her age. All the exercises we do from her OT visit are working...yay! He did say he'd like to see a little more weight gain, but since she's at a 50% level, she's still doing fine. So we'll be adding an extra bottle or two of breast milk to supplement her day. This basically means I'll add another pumping session to our routine to keep up with the increase in volume.

She's at the 80th percentile for height and after I stood up, doc realized where she got that...(duh);) Her head circumference was still progressing fine, but the next few measurements (at 3-month & 6-month) will really determine if her head, and thus, brain are growing as expected.

This visit also elicited her second Hep B shot. See the below video for our heart breaking glimpse at how that went...


Children's Mercy Visit: Hearing & Speech Clinic Last Thursday marked another visit to CMH to review Hudsyn's hearing development. Again, everything was fine. In fact when we got there, the audiologist said there wasn't really a reason for the visit since she passed her second hearing test in the NICU (Grrr). I responded with, "Well that would've been nice to know BEFORE we made the trip here."

Dan said, "Yeah, that three hour drive was rough after a night of no sleep..." The audiologist looked at us in horror and apologized profusely. I rolled my eyes and said, "He's just kidding...we live five minutes down the street."

She was nice, and laughed along with us at the leg pulling. She went ahead and did the full scan again anyway, which of course she passed with flying colors.

A Day & A Night Out For Mom I was thankful last week for Dan's willingness to take on a few hours of Hudsyn's needs as I went for a new haircut in Overland Park. I needed something simple and easy to do...because the less time in the bathroom means more time sleeping;) I think Aimee did a fantastic job...

Before (Apologies for the poor quality...took with the phone):


To show off the new "do" and to get a night out for myself...I attended my company's Christmas party. Dan was supposed to go with me, but got called into work at the last minute. So dad (Grandpa) came up for Hudsyn's first night of being with a "sitter."

Everything was great - we were treated to a lovely night at the Airline History Museum at the Downtown Airport...complete with a performance from the Kansas City Cobras Drumline and our traditional photo booth fun...

My team is awesome (and a little nuts).

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