A Weekend with My BFF

Last weekend I traveled to Columbia, MO to spend some much needed quality time with my best friend, Tina. Dan worked the Jimmy Buffet concert Saturday night so, Miss H stayed with grandma and grandpa in Wamego. Friday night I picked Tina up from the airport. She had yet another business visit to Washington, D.C. which is also the reason why I was visiting...it was my last chance to spend time with her before she moved to the nation's capitol for her new job of making the world a better place.

Our drive to Columbia was filled with lively chatter about her recent adventures on the east coast, each of our current work challenges and of course updates on Miss H. It sounds silly, but I truly enjoyed just driving and talking for three hours...reminded me of being in college when we would do the same after our brains were fried from studying so much.

We slept in Saturday morning. Or rather, Tina slept in and I woke up as usual at 6:15am feeling quite refreshed after six hours of sleep. (Ahh, the reminders of being a parent.) We got ourselves together and by 10:30am we were having brunch at a lovely local restaurant called Bleu. I had an omelet of bacon, cheddar, spinach and grape tomatoes while Tina enjoyed biscuits and gravy. Afterward we enjoyed a few hours wandering around downtown Columbia. Not only did I get to see the impact of Occupy Columbia (a whole seven people), we roamed art gallery after art gallery where I found two new Story People pieces and some earrings.

Tina also introduced me to Sparky's ice cream, a wonderful local place open only in the spring and summer that serves some of the best homemade concoctions I've ever tasted. I chose to indulge with a scoop of Carrot Cake as we finished our jaunt back to the car.

Later that afternoon we headed to a trail where we hiked for a few hours, enjoying the company of Tina's friend Ann and the gorgeous weather.

Topping off what I'd consider a perfect day in Columbia, we ordered in Thai food (Pumpkin Curry Chicken and Basil Fried Rice) and watched movies on the couch.

Sunday we went to Cafe Berlin for our final brunch, enjoying the bustling cafe and lively conversation of busy regulars, we happily sat at the cafe bar for two hours. We lost track of time, but it was fun to again enjoy more conversation and good food. After peeling ourselves away from the comfy at-home environment, we attempted to visit the Earth Day celebration near MU's campus. However, the weather wasn't looking all that friendly and only a few tents were pitched...so we decided to end on a good note.

My drive back home was a rainy one, which was appropriate for how I was feeling. Although Tina and I rarely have trouble picking up where we left off no matter how much time has passed since we last saw each other, I knew this visit was going to be the last for awhile. With her moving halfway across the country, I no longer had the luxury of a quick, two-hour drive to see her smiling face. I'm grateful for cell phones and Facebook, though, so we can continue to share in each others' daily events and exciting milestones.

For T...

I love you so much and can't express how grateful I am that you're in my life. Through everything we've each experienced since college, I can't imagine another person to share it all with. I'm very proud of you for taking the leap to achieve your biggest dream. You're going to be GREAT. I will miss you, but know that we will be visiting as much as we can...especially since Miss H and Dan have never been to D.C.! Love, Kacy

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